Three ‘Types’ of Photographer You’ll Meet in the Wild

A clip from season three of Amazon’s show The Grand Tour is making the rounds among photographers today, and for good reason. In just 2 minutes of comedy, the show managed to capture three of the main photographer “types” you’re likely to run into in the real world.

If you’re not familiar, The Grand Tour came about after this much-beloved trio of comic car lovers left the BBC show Top Gear and were hired by Amazon. The show is ostensibly about cars, but Clarkson, May, and Hammond spend an awful lot of time taking on ridiculous challenges, and one of those challenges in Episode 2 of Season 3 was to try their hand at wildlife photography.

The clip above shows the moment when each of the show’s hosts reveals the gear they’ve chosen to bring along for the trip. Each of the three men took a… predictably different approach to gear. Check out the full clip up top for a little dose of comic relief.

(via Reddit)

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