Unhide Instagram Likes with this Free Browser Extension

The worldwide hiding of Instagram likes has begun, and even if you’re not affected by this “test” yet, it’s likely you will be soon. If you want to avoid this and continue to see your like counts, there is a solution in the form of a free browser extension called “The Return of the Likes.”

The extension was created by Socialinsider for the Google Chrome browser, and it does exactly what you expect: it reveals your Like and Comment stats, even if Instagram has already removed that information from your profile. Socialinsider tells PetaPixel that the extension was created for “social media marketers to have a quick progress view when partnering with other companies, agencies and, especially, when working with influencers,” but it should be handy for anybody who wants access to this data for whatever reason.

Once installed, Like and Comment counts will display below IG photos in both profile view and when you look at individual images:

Of course, doesn’t work within the Instagram app itself, which is a bummer. But if you’re determined to keep up with the Joneses (read: influencers) and you don’t want to lose access to everyone else’s Like and Comment counts, the free extension will definitely help with that.

Socialinsider includes a privacy note at the bottom of the extension’s download page claiming that “No data is sent to Socialinsider servers” when you use this extension, but of course, install at your own risk. To find out more about Return of the Likes or add the extension to your copy of Chrome, click here.

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