Watch 6 Photographers Try to Identify 1 Imposter

With the game Among Us going viral these days, photographer Jessica Kobeissi decided to set up her own kind of secret identity game with social deduction: he invited 6 photographers and 1 imposter to have an online chat to see if the photographers could identify the faker.

You can watch how the game unfolded in the 31-minute video above.

“I thought it would be a fun spin to do it with a bunch of photographers and one impostor — who is pretending to be a photographer!” Kobeissi tells PetaPixel. “Their job is to guess who is not the real photographer. It’s like a giant game of Find the Mole.”

The players in Kobeissi’s game were put in an online chat with fake names and were asked to discuss their answers to a series of questions. For example, Round One had the players answer “How long have you been doing photography?” with one important rule: there would be no “technical talk.”

The 6 photographers and 1 imposter in the online text chat.

At the end of each round, the players were asked to cast a vote for who they believed the imposter was, and whoever had the most votes was kicked out of the game.

The imposter isn’t revealed until after the 28-minute mark at the conclusion of the game, so you can test your deduction skills and see if you can correctly identify the person yourself.

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