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Weekly deals roundup: Get your Black Friday savings on the Galaxy S23 Ultra, Tab S8 Ultra, and more!

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There’s no better way to prepare for Black Friday than by taking advantage of some killer Black Friday deals! Wait, that doesn’t make a whole lot of sense, now, does it? Well, in all honesty, many major US retailers have long stopped even trying to make sense with their special holiday sales, almost all of which tend to open their (physical or digital) doors to bargain-hungry customers weeks before Thanksgiving.
That’s obviously the case this year too, although you shouldn’t expect to find Black Friday promotions everywhere, on everything, and at any given moment between now and November 24. Some “early access” offers have already expired (before naturally returning in the coming weeks), while a bunch of others are currently available with no strings attached but not for long.

That’s why we strongly advise you to take just one long, hard look at the following list of top mobile tech deals you can claim today… and go ahead and claim them as soon as possible if you’ve found something on there that seems right as a Christmas gift for a special someone or even yourself.

Three outstanding bargains to rule them all!

Semantically speaking, “bargain” might not seem like the most accurate way to describe a $900 handset or $1,000 tablet. But who cares about semantics when you can get probably the best Android phone in the world and unquestionably the greatest Windows tablet out there (with a bundled keyboard!) at their lowest ever prices without special conditions, hoops to jump through, or the need to wait until closer to Thanksgiving to see if they will drop any lower?
Trust us, they will not, and the same certainly goes for the Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra as well. That early 2022-released 14.6-inch giant is no longer the best Android tablet money can buy, but its size, screen quality, battery life, S Pen, and even processing power are almost impossible to rival, let alone eclipse, at $699.99.

So many deeply discounted smartphones to choose from!

It’s safe to say that this is the absolute longest list we’ve ever compiled since putting together our weekly assortments of top deals and steals from around the web, and each option here has been carefully selected and found to meet the highest value standards in its respective price bracket and market segment.

From the dirt-cheap Moto G Play (2023) all the way up to the state-of-the-art Galaxy Z Fold 5, we stand by every single product on this list and highly recommend you consider all your options, as well as your budget, design preferences, and feature choices before making your final buying decision.
Of course, we’d be remiss not to point out that the Motorola Edge (2023), Edge+ (2023), Razr (2023), and ThinkPhone are all more affordable than ever before and unlikely to score deeper price cuts anytime soon, while the Galaxy S23+ and Z Fold 5 feel like they still have a little room for extra Black Friday discounting. 
Then you have the Galaxy A54 5G and Z Flip 5, which are on sale at their lowest ever prices… again and may or may not get additional markdowns this (extended) holiday season, making it rather hard to decide whether or not to pull the trigger right now.

Check out these tablet deals and steals too!

The king of budget Android tablets strikes again, selling its latest jumbo-sized mid-range model at an almost shockingly high discount mere weeks after its US commercial debut while also joining forces with Walmart to charge peanuts for an admittedly modest but ultimately respectable 8-incher with excellent battery life.
Hardcore Apple fans on relatively tight budgets, meanwhile, can currently enjoy an unusually deep price cut on a remarkably feature-packed iPad mini (2021) mid-ranger with a more than decent processor under its hood, as well as a beautiful display with minimal bezels in tow, stellar battery life, and a generous 256 gigs of internal storage space. In a nutshell, you might be looking at the ideal holiday promotion there, but of course, the same can be said about roughly a dozen other deals available today across the nation.

And how about them ultra-affordable wearables?

We bet you never expected to face a choice between a smartwatch as stylish as the Galaxy Watch 4 Classic and an activity tracker as sophisticated and new as the Fitbit Charge 6 at a measly Benjamin this holiday season. Whatever you end up choosing and for whatever reason, we’re 100 percent certain you’ll be satisfied with your purchase, and the same goes for the slightly costlier Garmin Instinct 2 Solar timepiece with a rugged design and the significantly pricier Apple Watch Series 9 with a… Double Tap gesture, both of which seem to be sold at unbeatable discounts before Black Friday. 

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