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Weekly deals roundup: Save big on a new Motorola ThinkPhone, Galaxy Watch 5, Surface Pro 8 and more

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It’s finally Friday, and as you know, Friday is a special day since the weekend is literally hours away, and it’s time for PhoneArena’s weekly deals roundup.

And we can say that this week was a very exciting one. It was the week after Black Friday, and it was the week of Cyber Monday. Sadly, most of the incredible deals we saw on Cyber Monday are now a thing of the past, like the event itself, but some of the offers are still available, albeit a few of them with slightly lower discounts.

However, be sure to act fast and snatch a new smartphone, smartwatch, tablet, or a pair of great-sounding headphones for less through one of the deals below since you never know how long the offers will stay active now that we have passed the Black Friday season.

Pull the trigger on one of the top 3 deals this week

If you want to get a new stylish and powerful phone without breaking the bank, then we strongly encourage you to capitalize on this pretty much no-brainer deal and snatch Motorola’s sleek-looking ThinkPhone. This handsome fella is currently available for just $399.99, which is a whopping $300 off the phone’s usual $699.99 price tag. The ThinkPhone comes with a high-end chipset, 68W wired charging, good battery life, and takes awesome photos. It’s a real bargain for money, indeed.On the other hand, if you already have a fancy phone but are in need of a new nice tablet, then feel free to get the incredible Microsoft Surface Pro 8 from Walmart, where the slate is enjoying a sweet, sweet $201 discount and can be yours for just $799. The tablet packs 8GB of RAM and 256GB of storage space and even comes with a keyboard inside the box, so it can replace your current slate and your laptop.

Those in the market for a new smartwatch can also snatch the 44mm LTE version of Samsung’s high-end Galaxy Watch 5 for $110 off its price on Amazon. The Galaxy Watch 5 may be an older model, but it’s a premium smartwatch through and through. It packs a plethora of features and nice durability, and it’s a real bargain at its current price.

Here are a few awesome phone deals worth checking out as well

For a while, Samsung’s Galaxy Z Flip phones were the only option for those wanting a clamshell foldable smartphone. Fortunately for us, Samsung is no longer the only player in foldable town. Motorola is also one of the companies fighting for the foldable piece of the smartphone pie, and right now, you can get its top-of-the-line Razr+ 2023 for $300 off its price.

In case you want a foldable phone for even less, you can go for the more affordable Motorola Razr 2023, which is currently available with a nice $200 markdown.

Of course, we completely understand that foldables are not everyone’s cup of tea, and if this is the case with you, you can save big on a powerful and completely not foldable phone as well. The awesome Galaxy S22 is a whopping $350 off at Walmart, while the Motorola Edge 2023, which is also a pretty capable machine, is available for $250 off its price on Amazon.

Some nice tablet deals to browse along the way

Now, sometimes even the fanciest and biggest smartphone isn’t enough since there are times you just need something bigger. Well, this is where tablets come in with their large screens. And this week, we saw some really awesome deals on some of the best tablets on the market.For example, Samsung’s previous top-of-the-line slate, the super-duper Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra, is a whopping $400 off its price at Best Buy, while the Galaxy Tab S9 is discounted by $129 on Amazon.

However, if you don’t want to spend a lot of money, you can get a Galaxy Tab S6 Lite for $131 less on Amazon or a Lenovo Tab P11 Pro Gen 2 with a sweet $130 discount from Lenovo itself.

Upgrade your style with a new smartwatch for less while at it

The Galaxy Watch 5 may be an awesome smartwatch available for less, but right now, you can also get Samsung’s latest and greatest Galaxy Watch 6 Classic for $81 off its price on Amazon. In addition to that, Amazon is currently selling the Galaxy Watch 6 Classic bundled with Samsung’s SmartTag 2 for $110 off the bundle’s price.

Those who prefer Garmin to Samsung can go for either the Garmin Instinct or Garmin Venu 2 instead, which are currently discounted by $86 and $150, respectively, on Amazon.

Listen to the sound of savings with a new pair of headphones

This week, you can take advantage of several awesome headphone deals. Savings range from 20% off the exceptional Jabra Elite 10 to a generous 35% discount on the remarkable Galaxy Buds 2 in Green. Another enticing deal is on the Sennheiser Momentum 4 in Black, currently discounted by $104.

All of the headphones pack amazing sound, have good ANC, and are a real bang for your buck. In other words, you will score a pair of awesome earbuds or cans, regardless of which headphones you go for.

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