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Will there be a Paramount+ Black Friday deal? What to Expect

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Paramount+ is a relatively new streaming site, one of the many that popped up once movie studios realized they could be their own distributers in the age of streaming. It primarily features Paramount movies and CBS TV shows. Recently, Paramount+ merged with Showtime, so the service now has access to all of Showtime’s content too (for a bit bigger fee). There are two tiers right now: Essential, for $6 per month, and the Showtime tier, for $12 per month. What are the chances that we see a Paramount+ Black Friday discount this year? Let’s look at what happened last year to get an idea of what we can expect in 2023.

Will there be a Paramount Plus Black Friday deal?

During Black Friday 2022, Paramount discounted the Essential plan by 50%. The whole service was a bit cheaper in general last year, so this came out to $25 per year for the Essential plan and $100 for the Premium. If this pattern holds true, and Paramount+ gets the same discount during Black Friday 2023, the Essential plan will drop to $30 for a year and the Showtime plan will drop to $60. This discount has not been confirmed by Paramount.

Paramount+ deals aren’t particularly rare, but we haven’t seen any major ones recently. The Essential version of the plan is so cheap that Paramount mostly relies on the free trial to suck people in. Hopefully this means Paramount is waiting until Black Friday to release another promotion.

What’s the cheapest way to get Paramount Plus now?

The absolute cheapest way to get Paramount+ right now is through the Paramount+ free trial. You can test out the service for seven days without paying a cent. This works for both the Essential plan and the Showtime plan. You’ll start getting charged at the end of the week if you don’t cancel your subscription. Of course, that will only last for so long, and it won’t work if you’ve already had the service before.

You can also choose to buy a full year of either plan in one payment. That will bring the price of the plans down to $5 per month for Essential and $10 per month for Showtime. If you can see yourself bingeing a lot of Showtime and CBS content, this is a good plan for you, since it saves you $12 or $24 per year, depending on which plan you buy.

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