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Will there be a Peacock Black Friday deal? What to Expect

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Peacock is NBC’s somewhat new streaming service, with unique features like live TV, local TV, and on demand content, and it’s gone through several changes recently. It started with a free tier, which was removed in January. It now only has two plans, Peacock Premium and Peacock Plus. At $6 and $12 per month respectively, those plans are still some of the cheapest options available when it comes to the best streaming services. Hopefully that price will go down during Black Friday. Here’s everything we know about the potential for a Peacock Black Friday deal.

Will there be a Peacock Black Friday deal?

Peacock hasn’t announced an official Black Friday deal yet. If they did, no one would sign up in October. But we can assume that there will be a deal based on what happened last year. During Black Friday 2022, Peacock discounted the Premium plan to just $1 per month for a year. It was part of a popular promo code, ‘SAVEBIG,’ that cut the price significantly. It’s safe to say that Peacock will likely have another discount, although it might not bring the service all the way down to a dollar. Last Black Friday, Peacock only cost $5 per month. It’s gone up to $6 this year, so the promo code will more likely bring the service down to $2 or $1.50 per month. But again, there is no confirmation of a discount yet from Peacock.

What’s the cheapest way to get Peacock Premium now?

The cheapest way to get Peacock Premium right now is through a student discount. If you have a student email from an accredited university, you can get Peacock Premium for only $2 per month instead of $6. Peacock will ask to confirm that you are a student once per year. All you’ll need is a student email. If you’re not a student, there is unfortunately no Peacock discount right now, and not even a Peacock free trial. The service discontinued its entire free tier in January of 2023. You can either wait for Black Friday, with the hope that Peacock will see a similar discount to last year, or suck it up and buy the $6 per month subscription.

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