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Wow! These JVC true wireless earbuds can be yours for $15

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If you’re on the hunt for the cheapest true wireless earbuds deals that you can buy right now, you should set your sights on the JVC Gumy Mini. From their original price of $30, they’re down to just $15 from Amazon’s Woot, for savings of $15. There may be a lot of time left before the offer expires, but we’re not sure if stocks will last long because these affordable true wireless earbuds may be catching the attention of a lot of shoppers. If you want to take advantage of this bargain, it’s highly recommended that you proceed with the purchase as soon as possible.

Why you should buy the JVC Gumy Mini true wireless earbuds

You shouldn’t expect the affordable JVC Gumy Mini to match up to the performance and features of the best wireless earbuds, but overall, they’re pretty good for their cheap price. They may not have active noise cancellation, but they come with customizable tips so you can get a proper seal in your ears for listening to music or making calls. The wireless earbuds also offer an IPX4 rating for water resistance, so they won’t be damaged by splashes of rain or sweat.

The JVC Gumy Mini true wireless earbuds can last up to six hours on a single charge, and an additional nine hours if you include their charging case for a total of 15 hours. Once you remove them from their case, they will automatically turn on and connect to your device. The JVC Gumy Mini will also work with your favorite digital assistant, allowing you to wake them up and interact with them using voice commands.

The JVC Gumy Mini true wireless earbuds were already pretty affordable at their sticker price of $30, so they’re a must-buy right now at just $15, following a $15 discount from Amazon’s Woot. The bargain is slated to last for a few weeks, but you wouldn’t want to wait until the last minute to complete the purchase because stocks may run out long before the end of the sale. In fact, you should think about pushing through with the transaction right now as there’s probably a lot of interest in the JVC Gumy Mini true wireless earbuds at half-price.

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